Qi Gong in the Algarve

Qi Gong Algarve – the perfect place for cultivating that inner peace that eludes us all! Although based in ancient Eastern martial arts practices, Qi Gong is at it’s heart a gentle pastime, ideally suited for the older people among us who have the time to explore their inner selves and the energy that surrounds them. So what is this energy that we can’t see, touch or hear? In fact, the whole Universe (or Universes) is made up of different densities of the same energy. The denser the energy, then the more material the physical manifestation on our earthly dimension.

We could say that Qi Gong is the art of finding our place within this energy field as a human being, and how to maximize our natural interaction  with it to harmonize everything we do in the material world and beyond. The energies we are dealing with are very subtle, and a little training is required to help students to feel it in their physical bodies. Luckily, some great instructors have decided to make the Algarve their home, and several are starting classes through the area.

Sonia Bruce holds Qi Gong Lagos area classes, and also close to Portimao, Mexhilhoeira to be exact. Each session lasts for about 1 hour, but often extends to 90 minutes as students are very curious and ask questions about the practice. Many people know of Tai Chi, but are not too familiar with Qi Gong. Both energetic practices utilize slow body movements to move energy around the body, and also around the body.

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