The Algarve, Portugal – Deep In The South Of Europe

Originally, this website was focused completely on golf in the Algarve region, but it’s now expanded simply due to the richness and beauty of the region. It used to be a place where Northern Europeans would come to get some sunshine, particularly in the off-seasons, but now more and more are settling here permanently.

Map of the Algarve

Algarve Map

People on a pension find that their money goes further (although that may not last!) and the overall life-style is very relaxed. Crime figures are low and the people are welcoming – what more could you want? Of course, the golf scene is still very much alive and growing, together with the expat community. For other people, it’s a great place to launch or take over a business, so we’ll be including some resources that help in this quest.

Lastly (or maybe firstly?), the Portuguese people have a warmth that has to be experienced. It isn’t false, although for sure some might get a tad annoyed with some tourist behaviors, but who wouldn’t? The influx of cash from the tourist industry has been a boon to the region and has resulted in big improvements in some ares, and an unfortunate growth in concrete hotels in others – it’s difficult to win-win, I suppose. Welcome to the site.

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